Let ’em Play (not all change has to do with technology)

Major League Baseball recently prohibited a pitcher’s fake throw to third, followed by a pickoff attempt at first. It’s now a balk.

photo of andy petitte pickoff move“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball,” noted character Terence Mann in the movie Field of Dreams. So, leave the rules alone. Speed up the game — an aim of the new ruling — through other measures that don’t affect how the game is played.

Baseball pundits claim as the basis for outlawing balks is their attempt to “deceive” a player on the team at bat.

But isn’t deception part of the game? Is a particular “balk” any less deceiving than throwing a change-up or an outfielder’s bluff that he can catch a ball well over his head in an attempt to hold a runner? In a first and third steal attempt, how about an apparent throw to second that’s cut off in an attempt to nail the lead runner? Should baseball outlaw the rarely-used (but always exciting and ethically controversial) ‘hidden ball trick?’

I say, let ’em play.

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