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Inflection Points in Emerging Technology – Tom Witkin’s personal blog

New companies developing emerging technologies are often dominated by scientists and engineers. To be sure, the technology is critical. But, to make a critical difference – to produce societal “inflection points” – these nascent firms and their cool stuff have to be embraced by the marketplace.

Too often, telling the story and creating the buzz – marketing – gets left in the dust. That can delay market adoption. As I told one start-up client overly focused on product development, “You are going to have the best product in the world for XYZ when you close the doors.”

The world of enterprise software and web applications has evolved product marketing techniques to new heights. (Some would argue that the buzz sometimes gets way out in front of product development, a different problem.)

The goal of this blog is to explore the world of emerging trends and initiatives, especially in the cleantech arena, and help develop and expose  techniques that can drive adoption through the right mix of technology, financial and organizational structures, postioning, and getting out the story: Help create and accelerate the inflection points.

Your comments are welcomed and encouraged.

The Picture

Yes, in the picture I’m the one flying the glider – really, a solar-powered airplane – that’s landing.


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