Through innovative marketing – analysis, design, positioning, go-to market approaches and digital communications – Tom has produced successes in sectors where value propositions are sometimes hard to tell apart.

Today, he helps early-stage companies tackle strategy, product marketing, and communications challenges through mentoring and consulting services through The SpeedWork Company.

Following Stanford Business School, Tom’s consulting teams articulated subtleties in a nearly stillborn marketplace to guide federal energy policy and steer private sector investment. Then Tom was recruited to join a team to create a regional airline in Atlanta, an underserved market. They changed the game – convincing major carriers to interline with a tiny start-up – and ultimately went public by differentiating themselves through careful selection of aircraft types and routes.

Later, at Texas Instruments, his team contributed to TI’s domination of what most considered a commodity market. Translating conversations with electronics manufacturers into inventive semiconductor product design and positioning spoke loudly to the market. Next, at Lotus, Tom’s work with partners demonstrated unseen value to enterprise customers by marrying diverse components of information technology. Collaboration with Lotus’ sales force revealed the value of customer relationship management (CRM). He left Lotus to start two companies that became influential VARs in the nascent marketplace for CRM applications.

More recently, the web enabled enterprises to collaborate globally. The chance to be part of a team aiming to restart a web collaboration venture drew Tom to SiteScape. He played a critical role in focusing a fuzzy value proposition – in large part through digital marketing – and shaping a new generation, open source product that lead to the company’s sale to Novell.

At the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, Tom drove culture shifts that improved the performance of statewide clean energy initiatives through a combination of digital marketing, partnerships and information technology – including agile applications development – to do things differently – in ways that were previously foreign.

Following his public service, Tom served as CMO for Enerscore, a start-up at the intersection of clean energy, real estate and software.

On the personal side, Tom and his wife, Michèle,  are long-time residents of Sudbury. Michèle is a former member of the town’s K-8 school committee and remains a political activist when she not creating impressive quilts. Their older son graduated in 2014 from Colby College, where he majored in environmental studies with a marine science concentration. His honors thesis examined the role of underutilized seafood in New England’s seafood system. In 2018 he received his Masters in Marine Affairs from URI. At Colby, he was a stalwart of the school’s Ultimate Frisbee team. Their younger son is graduating from Brown in 2018, with a concentration in International Development Studies. He speaks French, Arabic, Wolof, plus a little Thai. In his leisure time, Tom travels, flies and instructs in gliders, Scuba dives with three quarters of his family, and drums with whatever jazz and blues musicians will have him.

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m: 978-618-0377 / h: 978-443-0975
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