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Maybe it’s Okay to Text if the Car is Driving

Maybe in-car apps and autonomous vehicles, despite the issues intrinsic to each, are two evolving technologies that need each other.

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Nantucket Wind

There was a windmill off Nantucket . . .

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Let ’em Play (not all change has to do with technology)

Major League Baseball recently prohibited a pitcher’s fake throw to third, followed by a pickoff attempt at first. It’s now a balk. “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball,” noted character Terence Mann in the movie Field

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Differentiate Your Clean Energy Company Through Marketing

Clean energy and other sustainability companies need to motivate the market and drive potential customers to action. That is a function of marketing, a discipline frequently foreign to the individuals who run young clean techs.

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Open letter to Alan Mulalley, CEO of Ford Motor Company

Ford created a striking product differentiator through Ford’s new Sync technology. The dashboard displays and driver interface are impressive and sexy. But, change the direction Ford is taking with “Sync” before its cars start killing the people we love. Listen to the growing body of research that tells us that 60-mile-an-hour Internet cafés will be killers.

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Cutting Energy Use In Your Town

Now that your town or school system has pared every other cost to the bone, have they turned to cutting energy expenditures as a way to help balance the budget? A true systems approach, even for one part of a small municipality, isn’t easy. Does your community have all the resources to make rational energy decisions? Here’s my idea . . .

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“Destination Collaboration” – Stillborn?

Organizations don’t collaborate because it’s just too hard. Is it because “destination collaboration” is a failure?

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