Other Publications

Enerscore Blog

Enerscore’s blog develops interest about this clean energy start-up. Tom writes blogs and edits the site.

Energy Smarts Blog

Energy Smarts is an information-oriented clean energy blog – rather than edgy, opinion pieces – from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs. Tom Witkin edited the blog site during his tenure at DOER – through May 2015 – and occasionally contributed posts. You can find his posts by searching on his name within Energy Smarts.

CRM White Paper

This white paper, written by Tom Witkin when he was at SiteScape, Inc., explained that most customer relationship management (CRM) activities only set the stage for a much tighter, more intimate relationship between vendor and customer. The evidence, based on SiteScape’s years of experience with enterprise collaboration, strongly suggested that collaborating with customers enables them to better communicate their needs. That way, marketing and sales people can match requirements with the right products and services, and the right message.

SiteScape Product Brief

This two page product brief was written by Tom Witkin when he was at SiteScape. The document details the Web 2.0 collaboration application for which Tom did the product marketing and launch, which facilitated the company’s acquisition by its strategic partner, Novell.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Web Pages

Tom Witkin works with all divisions at the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to convey their message through DOER’s web pages. DOER’s web presence is built on the mass.gov web platform, which limits format and other creative options. Tom redesigned the department’s home page and the Green Communities home page in an effort — within mass.gov’s limitations — to bring more of the content “above the fold” and increase page hits. He also created the pages for the Energy Education initiative, which he heads.

Tom designed the Faces of Green Communities web page – including the video – as a community outreach marketing device to encourage interest in Green Communities designation among more of Massachusetts’ 351 cities and towns.

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