Previous Relevant Experience

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Inc. Strategic Marketing Manager. Developed the market introduction strategy for TI’s only microprocessor part to lead industry. Increased effectiveness of semiconductor product groups by melding product, marketing and sales tactics. Founded a multi-million dollar telecom products group. 

MARKET CONTACT SOFTWARE Inc., Co-Founder & Managing Director. Created a CRM consulting and software development firm that became a leading developer and VAR for add-on products for ACT! and ACT! for Lotus Notes software.

LOTUS DEVELOPMENT, Inc. Senior Product Marketing Manager. Managed marketing and development partnerships, rooted in the Lotus Symphony software suite, which linked personal computer spreadsheets to mainframe data resources traditionally used by large enterprises.

ATLANTA EXPRESS AIRLINES, Inc. Co-Founder & Director of Planning. Planned and implemented start-up business and ground operations of an undercapitalized regional airline based on energy-efficient turboprop aircraft. Convinced major carriers to interline with a tiny start-up and differentiated ourselves through careful selection of aircraft types and routes, resulting in a successful IPO in a weak capital market.

BOOZ, ALLEN & HAMILTON, Inc. Practice Manager and Senior Consultant, Energy & Environment Division. Grew professional fees of the Alternative Energy Technology practice. Sold and managed  contracts for government and commercial clients. Modeled markets for emerging technologies: storage and wind systems, industrial conservation, solar thermal and photovoltaics, alternative transportation power. 

McKINSEY & COMPANY, Inc. Research Analyst, Technology-Based Business Group. Investigated ways for chemical and fossil fuel companies to align R&D with business goals and compete more effectively. Researched and wrote about the affects of federal regulation on technological innovation.

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