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New Administration – Now What Do We Do?

Take action. After weeks on the ground in New Hampshire working tirelessly for Hillary and other Democrats, my friend sent a message to her millennial friends (which includes her and my kids).  Here’s an excerpt: . . . ironically, the

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Cutting Energy Use In Your Town

Now that your town or school system has pared every other cost to the bone, have they turned to cutting energy expenditures as a way to help balance the budget? A true systems approach, even for one part of a small municipality, isn’t easy. Does your community have all the resources to make rational energy decisions? Here’s my idea . . .

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Give the new Secretary of Energy a chance

“A Nobel scientist is more likely to figure out Washington than a career politician is to figure out how to deal with carbon sequestration,” noted Dan Leistikow, the Energy Department’s director of public affairs, in a recent NY Times article.

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Changing habits for renewables success

One of the most active cleantech investors, Vinod Khosla, made an interesting statement last Fall quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle: “Anything that requires people to change their habits has a low probability of success.” A pretty cynical, discouraging view when you think about our energy needs, priorities and what has to change. But, when gasoline hit $4.00 a gallon, we saw demand for gas guzzling SUVs drop off precipitously in favor of smaller, more fuel efficient cars. There was a visceral reaction – sticker shock – at fill-up time. How will we as a nation help achieve Obama’s goal to embrace renewable energy alternatives if we don’t experience energy price movements big enough to affect our habits in ways that produce strong reactions that counter Khosla’s view? If we want renewable energy initiatives to take hold broadly, marketing needs to become a key weapon in the fight – right now.

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Cleaner cars . . . too late?

President Obama has quickly reversed the Bush administration’s stonewalling of California’s efforts to further limit pollution and failure to create regulations to implement a 2007 Department of Transportation law requiring a 40 percent improvement in gas mileage for autos and light trucks by 2020. At last, especially in light of the National Academy of Sciences report that “Turning off the carbon dioxide emissions won’t stop global warming.”

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It’s hard driving green

We just bought a new car. It was a frustrating experience, but not for the usual reasons. We got a good deal, the color wasn’t an issue, and the salesperson seemed a decent guy. The car is highly rated and appears to be a good buy, but it isn’t nearly as green as I would have liked.

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UAW and Obama: 100% of nothing or 75% of something?

The challenge faced by the auto industry, the government, and the unions alike is how to fix decades of bad business decisions during a severe economic downturn and stimuli for the broader economy. What happens next depends in large part on the judgment and resolve of the new president and the UAW.

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