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Cutting Energy Use In Your Town

Now that your town or school system has pared every other cost to the bone, have they turned to cutting energy expenditures as a way to help balance the budget? A true systems approach, even for one part of a small municipality, isn’t easy. Does your community have all the resources to make rational energy decisions? Here’s my idea . . .

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Inelasticity, SUVs and Idling

At my town’s several schools, legions of SUVs line up each day as much as twenty minutes before dismissal so they can be near the head of the line. And, many sit there with the engine running for the duration. Just imagine their carbon footprint; the greenhouse gases emitted for no good reason. Add that to the waste of fuel. And, no, this behavior, from what I observed, didn’t abate when gasoline topped $4.00 a gallon. We are an inelastic town.

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